The Unsigned Bands Show

The Unsigned Bands Show is on a break.

Thursdays at 5:00PM PDT

The Unsigned Bands Show showcases independent rock and metal bands from around the world who’ve got music that should be getting on the air.

We will be talking about these bands, spinning their music and depending on the week may have a few guest artists on to talk about their music and spin some of their favorite tracks.

Why listen to just the mainstream bands out there when there is much more much worth discovering? Remember that all the greats started out as the unknowns and unsigned bands too.

Come join us and check out other artists making music that deserves to be heard.

If you are an unsigned band or independent artist and think you have what it takes to be featured on our show, here is how to connect with us and what you need to send over.

Send us mail at: dazedrockradio@gmail dot com Emails must contain the following, if they don’t chances are you won’t make the show:

  • Press kit: Band Bio, Current Promo Photo. If you email your band photo to us, make sure to keep the size of your photo around 1.5mb maximum. If you are unsure how to do this, use Shortpixel dot com to compress your photo for free.
  • Send 1 Track that is under 5mb, we prefer tracks as mp3’s at 128kbps.
  • Album or single artwork.
  • Metadata for your track as we report to the plays to the reporting agencies and need to have correct metadata. That includes: Track Title, Album name it is on or noted as a single if only a single, Artist Name, Year of release and label if it was released under a label deal.
  • You can also email us a link to your press kit to dropbox or google drive and/or Soundcloud downloadable link.
  • If you have PR representing you and they use a service like Haulix, they can add our email address for promo servicing too.

The Unsigned Bands Show is brought to you by the following sponsors: 101Drums

If you would like to become one of our sponsors please contact us to discuss.